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K&H Fashion Monitor VIP Gifting Tips Interview



Utilise Your Relationships

Influencers are gifted so much, and if it is from a brand or person they are unfamiliar with, results are unlikely to materialise. If a brand or representative knows the celebrity, their stylist or agent directly, having a genuine rapport will usually encourage them to do all they can to help you and at the very least get your product into the celebrity’s hands. With years of experience in this and a bulging little black book of talent we love this part of the job and always have a huge amount of success in this area. K&H Comms always employ staff with a strong individual network to enable the agency to expand its contacts and remain current.

Be Specific

It’s imperative you know your celebrity inside out and research their tastes and looks before reaching out to them. You will only get a hit if you are sending product that matches their personal style.


Celebrities love a personalised gift and it almost triples the chances of them wearing your brand over another. This is a must for new brands that need to get noticed and have an edge over bigger brands in their category. We gifted a pair of Finlay London sunglasses to Meghan Markle with her name monogrammed onto the arm. She loved them and wore them on her first official engagement with Prince Harry. Her outfit was credited in every print and online publication from here to Australia within a couple of days which saw the brand generate a huge amount of sales, resulting in their website crashing multiple times trying to deal with the demand.

Know The Calendar

Gifting is most successful when it’s for something specific such as a red carpet appearance, a special event, a holiday or in a tailored goody bag for an influencer’s birthday/wedding/hen do. We put together goody bags for Cara Delevingne’s 25th birthday with her celebrity girl gang in Mexico, for Millie Mackintosh’s hen do in Oxford and often do head to toe looks for London Fashion Week front row guests, all which see fantastic results.

Be Prepared To Gift A Lot

The law of probability means that the more you gift the more results you will see. Factor gifting into your initial budget and reap the rewards.

Never Give Up

Influencer wears need chasing and following up, with multiple gifts and prompts if necessary. It will pay off eventually if the contact is there and the product is great.